Happy Fisherman - Ep. 3: Mystery of Baby Eel

Reporter/Provider - TaiwanPlus

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Legal fishing of Japanese baby eels is from November to February of each year. This is when the tropical waters surrounding Taiwan are packed with baby eel catchers. We will take you to Lanyang Xikou in Yilan, home to Taiwan's largest annual catch of baby eel. A lucrative business, one baby eel is worth between NT$60 and NT$200, receiving the name "year-end bonuses given by God." All because eels cannot be artificially bred. Baby eels can only be caught at night with a better catch under colder weather conditions. Leo is half-soaked in the water as he follows baby eel catchers into the sea. As the waves get bigger, everyone works as one team to drag the fishing nets into the deep dark winter waters. But Leo finally wins his prize of the day, as he gets to touch the tiny and mysterious transparent-looking baby eels.

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