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TaiwanPlus is the premier international media platform providing English-language news and entertainment from Taiwan. We are a publicly funded organization based in a thriving democracy at the heart of the most dynamic and fastest growing region on earth.
TaiwanPlus offers independent and impartial daily news. Our team of Taiwanese and international journalists reports on stories from Taiwan and around the world. From our unique position at the nexus of geopolitics and international trade, TaiwanPlus also provides an inside look at Taiwan-China relations, with in-depth reporting and analysis.
We showcase Taiwan’s unique culture and lifestyle, offering some of the nation's best food, music, and travel programming. Our content includes both TaiwanPlus originals and selections from the Taiwan Broadcasting System.
From short features to full-length movies, we curate quality content for social media, a mobile app, and a 24-hour TV channel.

Mission Statement

We present trusted and authentic perspectives of Taiwan and the region.

TaiwanPlus is the voice of a vibrant, free Taiwan and Asia. At a time when Taiwan’s international presence is being suppressed, and many voices in the region are being silenced, TaiwanPlus tells stories in a way that informs, inspires and empowers.

We celebrate globally shared values.

Our mission is to highlight freedom, equality, human rights, openness, and innovation – values that define Taiwan and the world in which we all want to live.

We showcase the vibrant culture and diversity of Taiwan.

Through our unique brand of digital storytelling, we aim to share Taiwan with the world.

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From Taiwan's rich heritage to the latest innovations, take a closer look at our world with TaiwanPlus.

What Does "TaiwanPlus"
Stand for?

You’ve probably seen our logo and some of our other animations. But they’re not there just to look pretty, there’s a story behind them, and we’ve invited Johnason Lo, founder of JL DESIGN, to tell it, and illustrate how it embodies Taiwan’s identity, and what TaiwanPlus
stands for.

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