Happy Fisherman - Ep. 1: I Have a Dream

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Leo Seewald, a native of Vancouver, Canada has made Taiwan his home after being in the country for over 11 years. Known in Mandarin as Lee Hao, Brother Hao naturalized to become a Taiwanese citizen and has passed his fishing boat license making his "Taiwanese fisherman" dream closer to reality. His dream list includes owning a fishing boat and sailing around 250 fishing harbors in Taiwan while introducing the culture, history, cuisine, and stories of fishermen across the archipelago. In this episode, Leo takes us around the diversity of various fishing ports in northern Taiwan, from New Taipei City's Fanzai-Ao to Keelung's Zhengbin and Kanzaiding Fish Market as he boat shops. He also takes us to savor two unique wild seafood dishes that are marinated in soy sauce. The rock crab and limpet may come with a high price tag, but it's all worth the rare fresh manual catch. Leo's last stop is Badouzi Fishing Port where he makes his grand purchase, letting his dreams set sail.

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