The Belief In Craft: Wood Carver

Reporter/Provider - Moving Taipei

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In addition to being a place for people to pray for success, temples are also a collection of classical art. Have you ever looked closely at the half-dimensional relief carving on the arch? It is also known as "chiseling" and is commonly found in temple landscaping and on wooden furniture, where dragons and phoenixes, birds and birds, people, and plants can be creative elements.    In Sanxia, there is a 29-year-old master Huang Xichen, chiseling techniques have been ten years, is a carving master Hong Yao-hui's favorite student. Taiwan chiseling art is facing a fault, most of the existing masters have been old, Huang Xichen while teaching middle school dropouts chiseling flowers, hoping that this can become the children in the dazed floating board, perhaps also for the fading traditional industry, light a bright light to see the future.

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