Man and Trees: The Tung Trees

Reporter/Provider - Hakka TV

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Tung is an economic tree species, it grows fast and is easy to process, making it a good tree for reforestation. Due to its wide range of uses, in 1915, when for reasons such as replenishing military needs, the Taiwan Governor's Office instructed Mitsubishi Paper Japan to introduce oleander into Taiwan and cut down Acacia forests in Miaoli and Taichung to plant tung trees as strategic reserves for military affairs and people's livelihood, and tung forests began to appear in large numbers in the mountains and fields of Taiwan. However, with the defeat of Japan in the war, the planting of tung also came to a halt. Every year in late spring, the leaves of the tree sprout, the flowers of the tree bloom, the whole population appreciates, and the current tung trees only exist in their flower-viewing value.

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