Happy Fisherman: A Pearl on the Pacific Ocean: Green Island - Trailer

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Green Island, it’s a small island. Only about 16 square kilometers. But there’s a lot of historical significance in the island. And it also has some of the best fishing in Taiwan. We will use the most authentic way to experience, fresh fish, good weather, and sea fishing. If you are in Green Island you have to come diving here. If you can’t do it with a tank, snorkeling is also OK. Leo came to the Shilang diving area near Nanliao Harbor, which is a famous diving spot, to see the oldest coral in the world. Over 1,400 years old, it used to be standing like a mushroom on the seabed, but it toppled over in 2016. Although it is now on the bottom of the sea, it is fortunately still alive. It is the oldest and largest coral of its type. Leo couldn't pass up this opportunity to see that.

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