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Nepal is a country that attracts not much attention from the world but Lin Nien-tzu, a Taiwanese, has been running a workshop in Nepal for years. Putting her ideas into action, Lin has created a women-friendly environment and was the first Taiwanese featured in the BBC 100 Woman in 2017. At the age of thirty, Lin got tired of the secure and yet repetitive life within the system. Therefore, she decided to leave her comfort zone and went to Nepal, firmly believing that what she wanted was to establish a long-term collaboration with a local group in someplace. Lin’s sensitivity and thoughtfulness led her to discover the difficulties and mistreatment brought upon the Nepalese women by menstruation, the local environment, and the culture. As a result, Lin aimed to make changes by promoting cloth menstrual pads, menstrual education, and environmental protection. She set up a workshop and hired the women in the village to produce cloth menstrual pads. By doing so, Lin has provided the local women with work and established a social enterprise of cloth menstrual pads. Lin never aims to become a revolutionary or a leader. Following her heart, she chooses to make changes and build a positive relationship with the local people. While realizing her ideas, she transforms the mentality and lives of not only her own but many others. Together, they have found their values and exerted their influence.

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