Brigitte Macron - A French Saga (Part I)

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(Mandarin/English subtitles can be enabled in player subtitle settings.) Virginie Linhart presents a portrait of Brigitte Macron. The director’s original investigation combines major and anecdotal events; private, public, political, and personal insights; and depictions of provincial France and the Paris microcosm. Her inquiry takes us to the heart of bourgeois society in Amiens in Northern France (Brigitte’s Trogneux family were well-known chocolatiers in her native city) and Le Touquet, where Brigitte and her young husband, children, and seven grandchildren welcome guests to her impressive inherited second home. Obviously, the documentary will also explore other regions, such as Alsace where Brigitte entered local politics in the late Eighties, as well as the Macrons’ Parisian haunts, including the very chic Saint-Louis-de-Gonzague private high school where Brigitte Macron taught when she moved to the capital, and the Ministry of the Economy in the Bercy district where the couple did their networking. The documentary’s main aim is to introduce viewers to the real Brigitte Macron, but it also examines the new President of the French Republic, a man whose hallmark is determination – both in his private life, where he has had to win acceptance for the woman he loves whatever the views of society, and in his career.

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